Frequently Asked Questions

Will Compactor Monitoring benefit my business?

The use of compactors is not industry exclusive, so if you have trash compactors that are currently on scheduled service, meaning they are picked up at the same time at regular intervals, you can benefit from the Compactor Monitoring System. Our monitors can be used at grocery stores, hotels, industrial facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, office complexes and many other locations, wherever there are compactors.

We only have a couple of compactors. Would Compactor Monitoring be of benefit to us?

Because the Compactor Monitoring System consists of individual monitors, we can provide you with one unit or 10,000; they will all work the same way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, saving you money.

Why is the Compactor Monitoring System better than other monitors on the market today?

The patent for the Compactor Monitoring System was filed in 2004, making it the first entirely new technology of its kind to be filed at the patent office since 1992. And the WMS Services engineers are constantly researching the latest technology so our monitors will never go out of date.

How exactly does the Compactor Monitoring System work?

When the Compactor Monitoring System senses that the compactor container is full, it generates an email work order to the hauler. The hauler then signs on to the restricted website to note when service will be performed on the full compactor. Once service is performed, the hauler returns to the website to complete the work order. No human intervention is necessary, and you as the customer can receive a copy of the work order so you know which of your containers will be serviced and when.

What happens if my hauler refuses to acknowledge an emailed work order?

If the hauler does not respond to the emailed work order within four hours, WMS Services will contact the hauler.

What happens if the Compactor Monitoring System fails?

If the Compactor Monitoring System fails for any reason other than abuse or vandalism, WMS will replace it at no additional charge, including the cost of shipping.

What can I do if my hauler refuses to take me off scheduled service?

Because the waste business has become increasingly competitive, we are confident your hauler will want to keep your business, even if you request on-demand rather than scheduled service. However, if you hauler chooses not to adjust your service, we suggest that at the end of your contract, if one is in place, you find another hauler. The roll-off/compactor service business is very competitive and we are confident you can do better.

Do I need a special technician or do my maintenance employees need special training to install the Compactor Monitoring System?

When you receive your Compactor Monitoring System unit, complete installation instructions will be included, enabling you or your maintenance technician to install the unit. No special training is needed. If you do have a problem, you can call WMS Services and we will walk you through the process.

What hardware do I need to install the Compactor Monitoring System?

You will receive everything you need with the Compactor Sentry System. You need no additional hardware or telephone lines to install and operate the Compactor Monitoring System.

What kind of management information can I get from the Compactor Monitoring System?

You will have constant and immediate access to your account information on the customer-only section of the WMS website. Here you can see the status of your containers, which ones have been serviced, which are waiting to be serviced, and so on. In addition a monthly summary report will be included with your invoice.

How many employees will I need to work the Compactor Monitoring System?

None of your employees need to be involved with the Compactor Monitoring System. Because all notifications are made through wireless communication and the Internet, human involvement is minimal.

How much cost savings can I expect from the Compactor Monitoring System?

Your cost savings depends entirely on the ratio of your current scheduled pickups to the number of actual pickups which are needed after the installation of the Compactor Monitoring System. Some customers enjoy a savings of 50% or more. To calculate your own potential savings, please go to our Calculate Savings page.

I have not found my question in those listed above...

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