Attention Compactor Users, Waste Haulers, Waste Brokers, Recyclers ......

The WMS Compactor Monitoring System will determine exactly when it is time to empty your compactor every time, on time.

It will notifiy your hauler within 30 seconds after the compactor completes its near full cycle. It can also notify you when the hauler picks up the compactor and when it is returned within seconds of the event.

With the Compactor Monitoring System there is no longer a need to have scheduled services.

Lastly, you don't need to rely on an employee to monitor the compactor, call the hauler and make sure the hauler follows through. It is all taken care of by WMS Monitoring Services.

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Maybe you have never considered what you could save over scheduled services? Well, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current compactor costs with clear and easy to read projections of the savings!

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Ok, you are a hauler, broker or recycler and look at monitors as a sure way to reduce your hauling revenue?

Well, right now Waste Management is offering Trash Monitor Plus Services™ to monitor their compactors. They must have seen the light and know that you can't stop technology.

So this is your opportunity to be one up on Waste Management! Trash Monitor Plus Services™ uses some of the oldest methods to determine compactor fullness. They still depend on individuals to poll the compactor monitor.

We have the newest, well tested patented methodology using today's computer processors. It does not depend on an individual to determine fullness.

We didn't stop there! We have a complete feedback methodology from our monitors to our communications center to our web information system. If you offer excellent customer service, our system will provide you and your customer with the documentation to prove it. If there is a problem you will know when and where it happened.

Lastly, your dispatchers will spend less time on the phone with your clients. If your dispatcher forgets to log a request, we will help with a reminder. The WMS Compactor Monitoring System will cover your back side and keep your services competitive!

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